API Changelog

24/11/2023 - More info on Recruitment (mining) API

🏷️ Smart Actions API

Mentioned and explained failed job posts

/v1/recruitment/job-posts/find - Added response example (and details) for failed scenario

24/10/2023 - Add Recruitment (mining) API documentation

🏷️ Smart Actions API

Included specifications for usage of Recruitment (mining) API

11/05/2023 - Shared Rates and Rooms

🏷️ Smart Feed API

Introduce new flags for Rooms and Rates. canBeShared for Room and isShared for Rate. /Pull/SmartFeed endpoint can optionally return those fields.

16/03/2023 - New Board Options added

🏷️ Smart Feed API

Introduce new board options: lunchIncluded, dinnerIncluded, allInclusive for a Search Result Room Rate. /Pull/SmartFeed endpoint can optionally return those fields as a part of Rate object.

03/03/2023 - bookingServiceId always present in response for /Pull/Hotel(s) endpoints

🏷️ Smart Feed API

Since this update /Pull/Hotel(s) endpoints will always return bookingServiceId field, which may be a string or null.

02/03/2023 - Client Id in /redirect end-point

🏷️ Smart Feed API

We made an update to the existing /redirect end-point in the Smart Feed API. The end-point now accepts the clientId as query parameter. This is used by Smart Feed to guarantee it will find the correct hotel using the pair hotelId (that is required by the end-point) and the clientId (that is optional but highly recommended). For more information on how to use this end-point, please refer to the new documentation page.

18/01/2023 - Hotel and hotels endpoints in Smart Feed API

🏷️ Smart Feed API

Two new API endpoints have been added to Smart Feed API. These endpoints are designed to allow users to easily retrieve hotel inventory from Smart Feed and streamline the checkout process by starting the checkout flow (job) on Smart Actions.

/Pull/Hotels endpoint allows authorized users to view a list of hotels they have access to. The list can be limited by setting the limit parameter. If the parameter is not set, the default limit is 100, and the maximum limit is 1000.

/Pull/Hotel endpoint enables users to retrieve detailed information about a single hotel by using the hotelId parameter. The hotel details returned by this endpoint include a bookingServiceId field, which can be used to initiate a job on Smart Actions.

20/10/2020 - Increased size of panToken

🏷️ Smart Actions API


We will be issuing a new version of panToken with a bigger size on 20 Oct 2020. Please ensure this change doesn't break your integration prior to this date.

In order to enhance security around pan encryption, we have changed our encryption method and it resulted in increased size of data. It is likely you do not be affected by it as we will keep it backwards compatible for both versions of panToken, however, it is a good idea to ensure your database can store the different length of data.

panToken is going to be 299 long characters

Our vault returns a panToken which is consist of 164 long characters, but the length of data is subject to increase to 299 characters on 20 Oct 2020. This change may affect your integration in case you've optimized your DB schema to accommodate just right for this size of data. Please ensure this change doesn't affect your integration.